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The Native Plant Network is devoted to the sharing of information on how to propagate native plants of North America (US, Canada, Mexico and the Pacific Islands).

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Database Entries

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View for Printing Genus (species) Synonym Propagation Method Product Type Stock Type State Year

Wyethia (amplexicaulis)

seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2002

Wyethia (amplexicaulis)

seed Container (plug) Washington 2008

Wyethia (angustifolia)

seed Container (plug) Oregon 2015

Wyethia (angustifolia)

Wyethia angustifolia seed Container (plug) California 2001

Wyethia (mollis)

seed Container (plug) Oregon 2015

Xerophyllum (tenax)

seed Container (plug) 160 ml conetainers Montana 2008

Xerophyllum (tenax)

seed Container (plug) Montana 2003

Xerophyllum (tenax)

Helonias tenax seed Container (plug) Oregon 2015

Xylorhiza (tortifolia)

seed Container (plug) 2 Gallon PVC Pipe Containrs California 2003

Yucca (baccata)

seed Container (plug) New Mexico 2003

Yucca (brevifolia)

Clistoyucca brevifolia seed Container (plug) 2 Gallon PVC Pipe containers California 2003

Yucca (glauca)

seed Propagules (seeds, cuttings, poles, etc.) Kansas 2001

Zamia (pumila)

Zamia floridana seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2002

Zanthoxylum (americanum)

seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2002

Zigadenus (densus)

Tracyanthus angustifolius seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2001

Zigadenus (fremontii)

Anticlea fremontii seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2002

Zigadenus (fremontii)

Toxicoscordion fremontii seed Container (plug) Potted nursery stock California 2006

Zigadenus (venenosus)

seed Container (plug) Oregon 2003

Zigadenus (venenosus)

Zygadenus venenosus seed Container (plug) 10 cu. in. Washington 2008

Zizania (aquatica)

seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2003

Zizania (palustris)

seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2003

Zizania (texana)

seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2003

Zizia (aptera)

seed Container (plug) Kentucky 2002

Zizia (aurea)

seed Bareroot (field grown) 1+0 bareroot Illinois 2001
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