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Seed germination of burnet, Sanguisorba spp.


Seeds of great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis L.[Rosaceae]),
Menzies' burnet (S. menziesii Rydb.), and Canadian burnet
(S. canadensis L.) germinated most rapidly and completely
at 24 to 25 ø5 to 77 øonstant temperatures following
6 mo dry storage at 4 ø9 øPresence or absence of light (150 æl/(m2)18-h photoperiod), removal of the calyx hull or dry storage at 4 ø9 øor 1 y did not affect germination percentages of great and Canadian burnet.
Canadian burnet and Menzies' burnet showed little or no germination at 5 ø1 øand poor germination (<50 %) at
30 ø6 øIn contrast, great burnet germinated at all temperatures from 5 to 30 ø9 to 86 øAll 3 species have potential in roadside revegetation, wildflower meadows and home landscapes. Germination under controlled conditions is rapid and requires no special pretreatments
for optimal results.

Issue & Pages:

Fall 2003 Pages: 95-99

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4-2NPJ95-99.pdf (PDF document)


  • Patricia S Holloway
  • Grant EM Matheke


seed dormancy, temperature, light, wildflowers, Alaska

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