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Revegetation of a San Francisco coastal salt marsh


In recent decades, 90% of San Francisco Bay's wetlands were destroyed for shoreline expansion and development. A unique opportunity arose to unearth and restore salt marsh wetland habitat buried for nearly a century in the heart of San Francisco with restoration of Crissy Field. The goal of restoration was to promote species diversity and advance establishment of a viable seed bank while maintaining an opportunity for natural vegetative recruitment. Over 14,000 salt marsh plants representing 18 species were propagated and planted as part of the restoration effort. Four months after outplanting, 68% of the plants were alive. Restoration practices associated with species palette selection, propagule collection, nursery propagation, and outplanting design and methods are in large part responsible for the revegetation project's degree of success.

Issue & Pages:

Spring 2001 Pages: 54-59

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2-1NPJ54-59.pdf (PDF document)


  • Erin Heimbinder


wetland, tidal zone, container nursery, restoration, seed germination

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