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Production and conditioning of winterfact seeds (Krascheninnikovia lanata)


The USDA Bridger, Montana,Plant
Materials Center has just released Open
Range Tested Class germplasm of winterfat (Krascheninnikovia lanata [Pursh]
Guldenstaedt [Chenopodiaceae]). We
produce seeds of this native shrub using
standard commercial seed production
equipment. Processed naked utricles are
seeded at a rate of 50 seeds per linear meter (15 seeds/linear ft) of row at a depth of 6 to 10 mm (0.25 to 0.5 in) with a double disk drill equipped with depth bands. Seed production fields are maintained under cultivated and irrigated conditions. Seeds are harvested by swathing mature plants and combining out of cured windrows. Seeds are processed using a series of seed cleaning equipment including 3- and 2-screen fanning mills, a hammermill, an indent separator, and a gravity table. Seeds of
winterfat are very short lived, maintaining acceptable viability for only 2 y when stored under ambient conditions.

Issue & Pages:

Spring 2003 Pages: 10-15

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4-1NPJ10-15.pdf (PDF document)


  • Mark Majerus


seed production, native shrub, restoration, Chenopodiaceae, Ceratoides lanata, Eurotia lanata

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