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A model for expanded use of native grasses


Interest in native grasses is increasing in the US, Australia, Canada, and worldwide. We propose a model that can be used as a step by step guide for plant breeders, ecologists, seed producers, and others interested in developing expanded uses for native grasses. The following steps, with relevant examples from North American and Australia, are described in detail: 1) determine the need; 2) choose an appropriate species; 3) determine breeding system; 4) assess geographic and ecological range; 5) make a collection; 6) assess genetic diversity; 7) determine limitations of species; 8) develop appropriate breeding methods; 9) determine proper release strategy; 10) develop seed conditioning and establishment techniques; 11) develop management techniques; and 12) market development.

Issue & Pages:

Spring 2002 Pages: 38-49

Article Download:

3-1NPJ38-49.PDF (PDF document)


  • S Ray Smith
  • RDB Whalley


native plants, seed production, plant breeding, genetic diversity, indigenous grasses, Poaceae

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