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Viola (palustris)

Carol and Jerry Baskin
University of Kentucky
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0225

Family Scientific Name: Violaceae
Family Common Name: Violet Family
Scientific Name: Viola palustris L.
Common Name: Marsh Violet
Species Code: VIOPAL
Propagation Goal: plants
Propagation Method: seed
ProductType: Container (plug)
Time To Grow: 0
Propagule Processing: Seeds exhibit physiological dormancy.
Pre-Planting Treatments: Seeds were cold stratified for 90 days. Seeds germinated at alternating temperatures of 20/15 C. Germination was greater in light than dark.
References: Baskin C.C. and Baskin J.M. Seeds: Ecology, Biogeography, and Evolution of Dormancy and Germination, Academic Press, 1998. 666p.
Grime, J. P., Mason, G., Curtis, A. V., Rodman, J., Band, S. R., Mowforth, M. A. G., Neal, A. M. and Shaw, S.1981. A comparative study of germination characteristics in a local flora. J. Ecol. 69, 1017-1059.


Baskin, Carol C.. 2003. Propagation protocol for production of Container (plug) Viola palustris L. plants University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky. In: Native Plant Network. URL: http://NativePlantNetwork.org (accessed 2020/08/11). US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Center for Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetic Resources.

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