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Oxalis (oregona)

Betty Young
Nurseries Sr Manager
Bldg 201, Fort Mason
San Francisco, California 94123
415-331-7521 (fax)

Family Scientific Name: Oxalidaceae
Family Common Name: Wood Sorrel Family
Scientific Name: Oxalis oregona Nutt.
Common Synonym: Oxalis oregana Nutt. tracyi
Common Name: Redwood Sorrel
Species Code: OXAORE
Ecotype: Muir Woods, California
General Distribution: O. oregana is found mostly in shaded sites in coastal redwood and Douglas-fir forests; from Monterey County, California, north to Washington.
Propagation Goal: plants
Propagation Method: vegetative
ProductType: Container (plug)
Stock Type: 4 inch square pots
Time To Grow: 0
Target Specifications: Height: N/A<br> Caliper: N/A<br> Root System: Firm plug in container.
Propagule Collection: Propagule increase is from established nursery stock.
Divisions are made in mid September.
Propagule Processing: None.
Pre-Planting Treatments: None.
Growing Area Preparation/
Annual Practices for Perennial Crops:
Vegetative Propagule Type: Divisions
Stock plants are divided into sections; each with a root and rhizome mass and a few leaves. Divisions are transplanted to individual containers 4 inch pots containing standard potting mix of peat moss, fir bark, perlite, and sand.
Plants are watered in with an automatic irrigation system.
Transplant Survival averages 90%.
Other Comments: Direct divisions are also done in the field. Divisions are made from field plants, removing all but 1 or 2 leaves before direct planting on site. Water in well.
References: A California Flora and Supplement, Munz, P., University of California Press, Berkeley and London, 1973.


Young, Betty. 2001. Propagation protocol for production of Container (plug) Oxalis oregona Nutt. plants 4 inch square pots; San Francisco, California. In: Native Plant Network. URL: http://NativePlantNetwork.org (accessed 2021/01/20). US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Center for Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetic Resources.

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