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Chamaecrista (fasciculata)

William Skaradek
USDA NRCS - Cape May Plant Materials Center
1536 Route 9 North
Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210
(609) 465-5901
(609) 465-9284 (fax)

Family Scientific Name: Fabaceae
Family Common Name: Pea
Scientific Name: Chamaecrista fasciculata
Common Name: Partridge Pea
General Distribution: Erect or spreading annual herb adapted to dry sandy sites from Massachusetts to Florida west to Minnesota and Texas.
Propagation Goal: seeds
Propagation Method: seed
ProductType: Propagules (seeds, cuttings, poles, etc.)
Time To Grow: 0
Propagule Collection: Collected in the Yosemite National Park.
Propagule Processing: EASE OF COLLECTION: Found along roadsides and power lines in Cape May County, NJ.
METHOD OF CLEANING: Air dry for one week in cloth bags; lightly run unshattered seed through a hammermill using screens with holes 2 times the seed size; mechanically clean with screens.
PROPAGATION METHOD: Spring field seeding in sandy loam at rate of 20 lbs. per acre. Weed control: cultivation and hand weeding. Irrigation:- one inch bi-weekly.
PERCENT GERMINATION: Data not available at date of publication.
Pre-Planting Treatments: PRETREATMENT USED: None.
Growing Area Preparation/
Annual Practices for Perennial Crops:
METHOD OF GROWING: Data not available at date of publication.
Harvesting, Storage and Shipping: SEED MATURITY DATE: August.

UNUSUAL OR UNIQUE HARVESTING OR DIGGING REQUIREMENTS: Hand pick pods to harvest all seed, or monitor for optimum seed maturity to mechanically harvest with combine.

STORAGE REQUIREMENTS: After cleaning, store in dehumidified room at less than 40§F in cloth bags.

ESTIMATED PROPAGULE STORAGE POTENTIAL: Maximum storage period is unknown.
Other Comments: RE-ESTABLISHMENT TECHNIQUES: Cultivate in fall after harvest to lightly cover shattered seed.


Skaradek, William. 2001. Propagation protocol for production of Propagules (seeds, cuttings, poles, etc.) Chamaecrista fasciculata seeds USDA NRCS - Cape May Plant Materials Center Cape May Court House, New Jersey. In: Native Plant Network. URL: http://NativePlantNetwork.org (accessed 2021/09/19). US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Center for Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetic Resources.

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