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Achillea (millefolium)

Dave Skinner
PMC Farm Manager
USDA NRCS - Pullman Plant Materials Center
Room 211A Hulbert Hall WSU
Pullman, Washington 99164-6211
509-335-2940 (fax)

Family Scientific Name: Asteraceae
Family Common Name: Sunflower
Scientific Name: Achillea millefolium L.
Common Synonym: Achillea lanulosa
Common Name: Western Yarrow
Species Code: ACMI2
Ecotype: Pullman area
General Distribution: Widespread circumboreal species, usually on dry, open sites.
Propagation Goal: plants
Propagation Method: seed
ProductType: Container (plug)
Time To Grow: 3 Months
Target Specifications: Tight root plug in container
Propagule Collection: Seeds are collected when they are a light tan in color and easily removed from the inflorescence. Heads are cut from the plants at this point and stored in paper bags at room temperature until cleaning.
Propagule Processing: Seed heads are rubbed to separate and then cleaned with an air column separator. Larger amounts are threshed with a hammermill and cleaned with air screen equipment. Cleaned seed is stored at 40 degrees F. and 40% relative humidity.
We determined 2,835,000 seeds/lb for this ecotype.
Pre-Planting Treatments: none
Growing Area Preparation/
Annual Practices for Perennial Crops:
In January, seeds are sown directly into 10 cu. in. Ray Leach Super Cell conetainers filled with Sunshine #4 planting media and covered lightly. A thin layer of pea gravel is used to prevent seed and media from floating during initial watering.
Establishment Phase: Media is kept moist during germination. Germination is usually begins in 6-7 days and is complete in two weeks.
Length of Establishment Phase: 2 weeks
Active Growth Phase: Plants grow quickly after germination. They are water deeply every other day and fertilized once per week with a water soluble, complete fertilizer containing micronutirents.
Length of Active Growth Phase: 60 days
Hardening Phase: Plants are moved to a cold frame in late March or early April, depending on weather.
Length of Hardening Phase: 3-4 weeks
References: Flora of the Pacific Northwest. Hitchcock and Cronquist. University of Washington Press. 1973


Skinner, David M,. 2003. Propagation protocol for production of Container (plug) Achillea millefolium L. plants USDA NRCS - Pullman Plant Materials Center Pullman, Washington. In: Native Plant Network. URL: http://NativePlantNetwork.org (accessed 2021/05/08). US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Center for Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetic Resources.

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