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Ericaceae (Vaccinium)

Vaccinium (ovatum)


Heath Family










California Huckleberry


Muir Woods, California

V. ovatum is found from British Columbia south to San Diego county, California and Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz islands; mostly below 2,500 feet elevation.



Container (plug)

Deepot 16


Height: N/A
Caliper: N/A
Root System: Firm plug in container.

Seeds are collected between July 1st and November 15th.
Mature fruits are dark purple.
Seed is yellowish-tan at maturity.

Seed Cleaning:N/A
Storage Conditions: Seeds are kept dry and stored in a refrigerator.

Seeds are stratified for 60 days in the refrigerator.

Fully Controlled Greenhouse.
Sowing Method: Transplanting Germinants.
4 grams of seeds are sown per flat containing peat and sand.
Seeds lightly covered with media.
Flats are watered in with an automatic irrigation system.
Seeds are sown on January 15th.
% Germination: 50%

Seeds germinate 30 days after sowing.
Seedlings are transplanted 30 days after germination to individual containers 2"x7" tubes (Deepot 16) containing standard potting mix of peat moss, fir bark, perlite, and sand.

1 month

Fertilize with Nutricote NPK (13-13-13) 3 months after transplanting. Fertilize on a regular basis.

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