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Diane L. Haase

Diane HaaseWestern Nursery Specialist

USDA Forest Service
P.O. Box 3623
Portland, OR 97208

TEL: 503-808-2349
FAX: 503-808-2339
Email: diane.haase@usda.gov


I provide expert support to state, industrial, and private forest and native plant nurseries in the 17 western states (see map below) and the Pacific islands. This entails advising nursery managers and other plant professionals on a variety of issues and opportunities pertaining to seedling production, native plant restoration, and forest regeneration as well as assisting with problem solving and providing guidance in developing strategies to address seedling quality issues. Through reports, publications, presentations, conferences, workshops, and on-site visits, I provide key information to aid in the understanding and implementation of effective technology for bareroot and container nursery operations. In addition, I serve as editor of Tree Planters' Notes. Prior to joining the Forest Service in 2009, I was the associate director for the Nursery Technology Cooperative at Oregon State University for nearly 20 years during which time I conducted many projects designed to develop nursery growing practices, increase seedling quality, and maximize plant growth and survival after outplanting. I have published numerous scientific articles, technical papers, and newsletters and am a co-author of the book Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants. I have a BS in Forestry from Humboldt State University (1989) and a MS in Forest Science from Oregon State University (1991). Click here for a full listing of my publications and other credentials.

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